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Were You and/or Your Loved One(s) a Firefighter and/or a U.S. Military Service Member Exposed to Firefighting Foam AFFF Which Stands for Aqueous Film Forming Foam?
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Firefighting Foam (AFFF) Lawsuits - Seeking Justice for Cancer

Firefighting Foam (AFFF) Lawsuits Allege Cancer and Health Issues from PFAS Chemicals AFFF (aqueous film-forming foam) contains PFAS chemicals used to fight fuel and petroleum-based fires. However, AFFF has allegedly caused cancer and other illnesses in those exposed. As a result, many lawsuits have been filed against AFFF manufacturers, alleging failure to warn about health hazards.

Key details on AFFF lawsuits:

  • Lawsuits claim PFAS chemicals in AFFF can increase cancer risk, including testicular, kidney, and thyroid cancers.
  • PFAS buildup over time may also cause liver disease, infertility, and other issues.
  • Defendants allegedly knew of AFFF risks for years but failed to warn the public.
  • Plaintiffs include military personnel, firefighters, chemical plant workers, and others exposed to AFFF.
  • Lawsuits seek compensation for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.

If you developed cancer or other illnesses after exposure to AFFF firefighting foam, you may have a claim. Potential compensation may be available, but legal time limits apply. Those eligible to file suit may include:

Military members who used AFFF

  • Civilian firefighters
  • Airport personnel
  • Offshore oil workers
  • Chemical plant employees 


Those who have been exposed to AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam), may be entitled to compensation. Research shows that toxic chemicals in AFFF have been linked to numerous types of cancer and other health problems.

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AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is a firefighting product that is used to extinguish fires that are fuel/petroleum-based and do not respond well to either water or foams based on water. AFFF is made up of chemicals called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which do not biodegrade. They can build up over time in the body. The PFAS chemicals are linked to cancer and other health problems.

​​How does AFFF cause cancer?

The type of foam that is used in AFFF has been found to contain perfluoroalkyl- and polyfluoroalkyl-alkyl compounds, which are linked to an increased risk of cancer after exposure. According to studies, exposure to certain PFASs such as perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) can increase the risk for kidney, testicular, thyroid, and infertility cancers. A study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Northeastern University revealed that AFFF contains dozens more PFASs, which may pose similar or worse health risks. Federal guidance has established that PFASs, or "forever chemicals", can be hazardous at much lower concentrations. 

​The AFFF Lawsuit

After it became clear that AFFF was linked to cancer, many people who were exposed to AFFF and then developed cancer,  and/or other health problems, sued 3M, DuPont, and other firefighting foam manufacturers in federal and state courts. The firefighting foam lawsuits alleged the manufacturers were aware of the dangers posed by AFFF for many years, but did not warn the public or businesses to take the necessary precautions.

​How Medical Claim Center Can Help?

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Firefighting Foam Lawsuits - ​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is AFFF toxic/Harmful?

AFFF does not possess inherent toxicity; in other words, individuals who have been exposed to AFFF once will not immediately experience noticeable effects. However, long-term exposure to the PFOS and PFAS components in AFFF can be carcinogenic.

What are the health effects of PFASs?

Exposure to PFAS can increase the risk of cancer and other health problems. PFAS can also increase the likelihood of liver diseases like cirrhosis. Because the liver's primary function is to remove waste, it tends to accumulate PFAS more than other organs.

Are PFAS still being used?

Some types of PFAS were phased out because they posed a health risk to humans. PFASs can still be found in consumer products such as nonstick pots and plastic food containers.

Who could have have been exposed to AFFF?

People Who Could Have Been Exposed to AFFF:

● Former and current military personnel

● Contractors who worked at a military base

● Civilian firefighters as well as Military firefighters

● Airport workers

● Chemical workers

● Workers on oil rigs and in the petroleum processing industry

Despite the fact that the term "firefighting Foam" is used interchangeably, the military has the most exposure to AFFF. Those who have served in the Middle East will likely have been exposed to AFFF. Those who worked on offshore platforms, or near industrial sites with fires caused by petroleum, could also have been exposed.

What Should You Do if your AFFF exposure caused illness?

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