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Exactech Knee & Hip Replacement Lawsuit - Legal Options

Exactech Knee, Hip and Ankle Replacement Lawsuits Filed Over Alleged Defects , Joint replacement devices from Exactech are used to replace damaged hips, knees, ankles, and other joints. However, some Exactech devices have allegedly failed prematurely, requiring risky revision surgery. As a result, Exactech is facing multiple lawsuits over alleged defects in their hip, knee, and ankle replacements.

Key details about Exactech lawsuits:
  • Lawsuits allege early failure of hip and knee replacements, causing severe pain and need for revision surgery.
  • An MDL consolidates over 75 lawsuits over alleged premature failure.
  • A 2021 recall involved 200,000 knee, hip, and ankle devices over packaging issues that could cause degradation.
  • Ankle insert packaging defects prompted another 2022 recall.
  • Studies found higher revision rates for Optetrak knee implants compared to other brands.
  • Hip liner materials like GXL polyethylene may contribute to tissue damage.
Individuals who experienced complications from Exactech devices may be eligible to file suit, seeking compensation for:
  • Medical expenses from revision surgeries
  • Lost wages and reduced mobility
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other costs
Revision surgeries to correct implant failure are complex, risky, and may require multiple procedures. If you had issues with an Exactech knee, hip, or ankle replacement, consult an attorney immediately about your legal options. Compensation may be available, but statutes of limitations apply.

Exactech Replacements

Joint replacements such as those for the knees, hips and shoulders, or ankles are available through Exactech. These medical devices are used by surgeons to replace damaged or arthritic joints. Exactech recalled its polyethylene ankle-knee implant inserts due to defective packaging that could lead to early degradation.

What Exactech Replacements Offer

Exactech, founded in 1985 by Bettey Petty and Bill Petty (an orthopedic surgeon), was co-founded by Gary Miller, a biomedical engineer, and Bill Petty. The Florida-based firm focuses on joint implants and provides useful tools for surgeons.

Exactech's main products are shoulder, hip, knee and ankle replacement devices. Exactech is best known for its shoulder, hip and knee replacement devices.

The company has been sued over the years for allegedly entering into illegal consulting agreements with physicians and selling defective products. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPMDL) consolidated in October 2022 at least 75 lawsuits filed by plaintiffs alleging that their hip or knee implants had failed prematurely and required revision surgery. Exactech recalled approximately 200,000 knees, hips and ankle prosthetics in August 2021.

Exactech Hip Replacement

Alteon and BIOLOXdelta are Exactech Hip Replacement Models. The company produces primary hip replacement surgery and revision hip replacement system. Exactech hip implants are known to have a five-year satisfactory survival rate. This means that there is a reduced chance of the implant needing replacement after five years.

A 2022 study, published in hip Arthroplasty, found that the Novation Stem implant had a survival rate of at least 92.4% after five years. However the study authors stressed that longer-term studies were needed to evaluate the implant's performance.

Researchers have found that Exactech Connexion GXL polyethylene liner users may be more prone to osteolysis or damage to bone tissue. These plastic liners are placed between the ball and the stem of the acetabular hip cup. The liners allow the ball to rotate around the cup in a way that mimics a normal hip joint.

Exactech sent surgeons letters in June 2021 informing them of the early wear of the Connexion GXL liners. This wear occurs in a small number patients with implants that have been in place for three to six years. These patients experienced osteolysis. Exactech did not issue a recall for GXL Liners but began to phase out the U.S. Market in 2019 in favor of their new Vitamin E XLE liner.

Exactech Knee Replacement

Truliant and Optetrak are two of the Exactech Knee Replacement Models. In a 2021 study, published in The Knee, it was found that the Optetrak Logic and Truliant single-option knee implants were more effective in improving the fit of the femoral components in Asian patients than older designs by other companies like Anthem Attune Persona.

Optetrak Logic, the company's knee design, has been improved. This resulted in a reduced rate of revision surgeries and fewer patients complaining of pain. According to a study in 2020 published in HSS Journal, The Musculoskeletal Journal of Hospital for Special Surgery, the new design resulted slightly more revision surgeries for osteolysis.

A 2021 study, published in the Journal of Knee Surgery, found that the Optetrak Logic femoral component of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) with posterior stabilization (PS), was loosening after less than five year compared to the other brands. The authors said that the "earlier rate of failure with this implant" is a concern.

Exactech began a recall in August 2021 for its inserts made of ultra-high molecular polyethylene used to replace knees. These inserts act as cartilage between artificial joints. According to Exactech’s February 2022 update recall letter, the recalled inserts are packaged in bags that do not meet specifications. This could cause oxygen to reach the inserts and cause them degrade.

Exactech Ankle Replacement

Vantage Total Ankle Systems and Vantage PSI, Exactech’s main ankle replacements products. These products are designed to replicate a patient's normal anatomy. Researchers found that the Vantage System reduced the strain on the prosthesis and its failure in a 2021 Journal of Clinical Medicine study.

Exactech issued an August 2021 recall on the polyethylene liner used in all ankle replacements. The recall was updated later in February 2022. The polyethylene plastic insert that was recalled mimics cartilage and is placed between the talar and tibial components of the ankle.

The packaging of the ankle liners is also faulty, which could allow them to degrade. Exactech does not recommend that all patients replace ankle devices if they aren't experiencing problems.

Different types of Inserts vs Liners

Some surgeons interchangeably use the terms "insert" and "liner". Both terms refer to polyethylene parts that function like cartilage when used in joint implants.

"Inserts" can be attached to the tibial implants in knee implant surgery. A fixed-bearing implant is a type of prosthesis. Mobile-bearing implant inserts can be moved around the tibial tray. Theoretically, this would allow for a greater range of movement.

The term "liner", however, is more commonly associated with hip implant. Liners are fitted into acetabular cup to provide cushioning between the cup (or ball) and femoral heads. The flat polyethylene plastic piece that replaces cartilage in ankle or leg implants is called an "Insert".

What are revision surgeries?

Revision surgery is an additional procedure performed by doctors to correct problems with joint replacements. These are usually recommended by doctors when an implant has failed or is causing symptoms like pain, decreased mobility or bone and tissue loss or infection.

Implant failure can be caused by a defective implant, or it may happen over time.

They are more complex and require special implants and planning. These surgeries are more difficult to perform, and they may be associated with higher complication risk. Some patients need more than one revision procedure.

Exactech Optetrak Knee Replacement System has significantly higher revision rates compared to other brands, according to data collected from registries Australia and United Kingdom. New Zealand's registry reported a revision rate that was more than twice as high. The wear of polyethylene was a major factor in many revisions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Exactech knee | ankle | hip replacement lawsuit

What is the Exactech Replacements Lawsuit?

A lawsuit against Exactech is a claim for compensation due to injuries resulting from Exactech hips, knees and ankle replacements. Exactech recalled hip, ankle and knee replacements that were packaged in defective bags in 2021-2022.

What brand of knee replacements are being recalled?
Knee and Ankle Replacement Devices
Exactech announced a voluntary recall of all Optetrak knee  replacements, Logic and Truliant ankle replacements, and  Vantage total ankle implants packaged in defective bags on February 7, 2022. This recall applies to all devices, regardless of their labeling or shelf life.
Is there a lawsuit against knee replacement?

Currently, there is only one multidistrict lawsuit for knee implants. It is the Zimmer NexGen Knee MDL (#2272) which contains almost 1,800 lawsuits for individual knee replacements.

How do I know if my knee replacement has been recalled?

The FDA maintains an online database of medical device recalls. Here you can check if there has been a recall on your knee replacement. You may be notified directly by your doctor's office if there is an urgent recall that you need to know about.

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